SKSA 006: 10-Days Bush Safari and Beach Holiday in South Africa and Mozambique

Bush Safari and Beach Holiday in South Africa and Mozambique

Highlights of the safari: This safari takes you to Hoedspruit in South Africa and Inhambane in Mozambique.

Hoedspruit is an area rich in tourist attractions such as wildlife, scenery, mountains, rivers, dams, archaeology, cultural and ethnic attractions and other important sites associated with the history of the region. A great tourist destination.

There are many Tourist Attractions in Inhambane. It is one of the ideal destinations to plan your vacation. Both locals and tourists love to visit the different Tourist Attractions in Inhambane that is sure to make your trip a memorable experience of your life.

Tourist Attractions in Inhambane includes the famous Bazaruto Archipelago. It is a heaven for honeymooners and an ideal site for scuba diving enthusiasts. One can see the indigenous palms forests, casuarina trees and the pristine white beaches of the archipelago. There are many other beautiful beaches located close to the city of Inhambane. Some of the popular beaches are Tofo, Guinjata Bay and Maxixe.

Days 1-3: Johannesburg and Hoedspruit

Welcome to South Africa. On arrival at Johannesburg International Airport, you will connect a scheduled flight to Hoedspruit Airport and arrive in Hoedspruit about one hour and ten minutes later.

Our South Africa representative will meet you at Hoedspruit Airport and transfer you to Arathusa Safari Lodge where you will spend your next three nights on full board basis. There will be morning and afternoon game drives.

Hoedspruit is a small tourism and agriculturally orientated town in the central Lowveld just outside the famous Kruger National Park. Tourism facilities centre around Game Lodges, Safaris and other “Big 5" activities as well as birding, hikes, and exclusive “getaways". It is a growing town full of character and friendly people.

With its ever-present views over the Drakensberg escarpment, and situation abutting the Kruger National Park, Hoedspruit is surrounded by beautiful game-rich countryside and has a distinctive rural charm. Hoedspruit (“hat creek") acquired its name when, after a long trek over the mountains into the heat of the Lowveld, one of the pioneers removed his hat and threw it into the cool waters of the Sandspruit River and decided to stay.

Hoedspruit is the seat of the Maruleng Municipality (literally “Place of the Marula"). This tree (Sclerocarrya birrea) is a common sight in the region. Female trees yield a characteristically fragrant fruit in summer months which has a distinctive skull-shaped hard nut, which gives the tree its latin name. A particular favourite of a number of species including giraffe, kudu, eland, and baboons, the trees also have a reputation for making elephants drunk.

Days 4-9: Hoedspruit and Inhambane, Mozambique

On the fourth day, you will be transferred from Arathusa Safari Lodge to Kruger Mpumalanga Airport to catch a flight to Inhambane in Mozambique. The safari lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. You will be accommodated at Flamingo Bay Water Lodge on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis for the next six nights.

The city of Inhambane, a fascinating tourist destination, is situated on a peninsula on Mozambique’s south-central coast. The Inhambane Bay is an inlet of the Mozambique Channel on the Indian Ocean.

Inhambane is one of the oldest settlements in southern Africa and was established as a trading post in 1534 by Portuguese traders. The Inhambane Bay itself was discovered by Vasco da Gama earlier in 1498. The Europeans decided to stay on permanently and the Portuguese influence can be seen in the layout and architecture of the city.

As the city developed it became well known as a trading centre, especially for slaves and ivory. Today it is the provincial capital, an important port and an important agricultural region. Sugar and coconut products are important exports.

You will find the colonial architecture quite fascinating. There are many old buildings in the city, including the 200-year old Our Lady of the Conception Catholic Cathedral. Local arts and crafts can be viewed and bought at the charming market, with the woven straw baskets and mats being most notable. You will no doubt catch snatches of the local musical tradition, played percussively on chopi xylophones and for those interested in history there are interesting displays at the museum. The city exudes a relaxed atmosphere and the cobbled streets and interesting buildings make this city a unique cultural experience.

Ihambane Province offers some of the best natural attractions in the whole of Mozambique. Within the province are some of the finest deserted beaches, all with endless white sand and clear blue waters. Some of the beaches in this area include Zavala, Zavora, Baia dos Cocos, Tofo, Barra and Pomene. The tropical climate and feeling of desolation make for a wonderful getaway.

Nearby Mozambique Island is a World Heritage Site, while one of the major attractions of the country, the Bazaruto Archipelago, lies within this province. Nature lovers and bird-watchers will find the smaller villages and coastal resorts excellent for spotting birds and taking in the lush greenery.
The entertainment on offer in Inhambane is centred mainly on the natural attractions the area has to offer. Walking is good, but just remember to stay on the tracks and footpaths used by the locals.

Sport: Inhambane is an excellent fishing spot and is also popular with surfers who highly rate the fast right break of the Indian Ocean.

Day 10: Inhambane and Johannesburg

Depart Inhambane after lunch for Johannesburg International Airport to catch your scheduled flight home.