Seychelles and Mauritius Holidays

If you are looking for a more romantic wedding and honeymoon holiday in Africa, look no further than Seychelles and Mauritius islands in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles and Mauritius honeymoon destinations are widely favoured by love-birds in search of an idyllic hideaway destination.

The islands are geared towards providing couples with the finest in luxury and special honeymoon packages are offered at the majority of hotels and resorts. Secluded coastlines, fun-filled activities, luxurious accommodation, romantic candlelit dinners and pampering treatments are just a few of the reasons why Mauritius and Seychelles are often the number one choice of destination for couples starting their lives off together as man and wife.

We have a range of beautiful venues in both Seychelles and Mauritius to suit every discerning bride and groom. Whether you are looking for a quiet setting just for two, or if you intend to say “I do" surrounded by all your family and friends, we have the place for you.

For a truly memorable honeymoon, we suggest you combine an African safari in Kenya and Tanzania or even South Africa with the golden beaches of Seychelles and Mauritius.
Imagine travelling to your bush wedding in a decorated open-air safari vehicle, bouquet of wild flowers in hand, birdsong in the air and a guard of honour rolled out by traditional Maasai morans in the wilderness of Masai Mara or Serengeti and then whisking your bride to Seychelles honeymoon or Mauritius to seal your romance!

Looking for a perfect family holidays in Africa? Then take a family holiday to Kenya and Tanzania and then fly to Seychelles and Mauritius! Kenya and Tanzania are bestowed with lots of Africa wildlife including a variety of birds and mammals, and also exhibits a cultural diversity and natural habitat rare in other parts of the world. The beautiful sceneries with breathtaking landscapes in Kenya and Tanzania, boosted by white sandy beaches in Mombasa and Zanzibar, are unmatched in the world and they offer a growing list of our exciting and personalised safari packages waiting for you. Take your children on a Kenya safari, and let them marvel at this spectacular country, and afterwards unwind with a Seychelles holiday.

Enjoy our very best of child-friendly Africa holidays by opting for a Tanzania safari and combine it with a Mauritius holiday. For the most adventurous travellers set off for a Kenya Tanzania safari and combine it with Seychelles or Mauritius.

We can tailor-make any itinerary for you – to combine Kenya safari with Tanzania safari with Seychelles and Mauritius. The family holidays and honeymoon safari itineraries on our website are just examples that other customers have loved and are intended to provide you with a starting point. All itineraries can be reworked with alternative game parks or accommodation to suit your individual taste and budget. Contact us with your preferences and our wedding and African honeymoon safari specialists will work with you to give you the holiday of your dreams.