Nairobi National Park

The National Park is about 117sq. Km.

It is only about 8km (5 miles) from the city centre, this is the most accessible of Kenya’s game parks, actually, Kenyans pride of being the only city in the World which neighbours a natural game protection area and it harbours over 100 species of mammals. And it is here that you can get unique photographs of lion, rhino, giraffes and wildebeest strolling on the glorious stretch of Savanna set against a backdrop of glinting skyscrapers.

Declared a game park in 1945, it is fenced on one side only and despite its proximity to the city, the animals move freely across the other borders to the neighbouring plains called Athi.

This is a great place to see the indigenous black rhino (as it is a little too close to the city for the comfort of poachers.) There have also been more than 500 species of bird spotted here. The entrance is at the Kenya Wildlife Services headquarters on Langata Road. Have about 5 hrs to spend? This would be an ideal place to visit. . At the gate we also have an animal Orphanage where occasionally young abandoned animals are nursed back to health.

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