Murchison Falls National Park

This is Uganda’s largest National park. It’s palm-studded grassland supports dense populations of lion, buffalo, elephant and Uganda kob, together with the localised Rothschild’s giraffe and patas monkey.

Immense concentrations of hippos and birds can be observed from morning and afternoon launch trips along the Nile below the spectacular waterfall for which the park is named.

The park was initially known as Kabalega Falls because of the waterfalls of Victoria Nile that are forced through a narrow gap flowing Westward to Lake Albert. It was renamed Marchison Falls by the former president of the royal geographical society. It covers total area of 3,840 km.

Attractions and activities in the park

✮ Game viewing between Victoria and Albert Nile.

✮ Birds watching in the swampy reeds, huge trees a long the water and in the sandy beaches.

✮ Chimp trekking

✮ Boat trips to Lake Albert

✮ Cultural interaction

✮ Guided walks

✮ Fishing

How to get to the park
Tourists get to the park by road or by light aircrafts. You can drive the 217 kilometres from Kampala to Masindi. The journey takes about three hours. When one gets to Masindi there are other alternative routes of Bulisa and Butiaba leading to the park gate of Wairingo.

The other means of getting to the park is through the Pakuba Airstrip – which leads to the North West of Paraa covering 10 kilometres.


✮ Sarova Paraa Safari lodge

✮ Acholi – style bandas

✮ Para rest camp

✮ Sambiya River lodge