Day Tour in Kenya Nairobi – 1 day tour trip


When transiting through Nairobi Kenya from other African countries like Rwanda, Burundi, DRC; you find enough time to do a Nairobi 1 day tour, trip or safari in Kenya. The best places to visit are within an hour from Nairobi town are you have enough time to make it back in time to the airport for your flight back home. Kenya one day tours are especially invigorating as a way of releasing the jet lag in Kenya.

Special one day tours in Nairobi Kenya are tailored to occupy your time that you would otherwise have spent waiting at the airport. Flights from African countries arriving in Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International airport (JKIA) are in the morning while those connecting to Europe are in the late evening. This gives you a full 6-11,12 hours free to do a Nairobi Kenya day safari. Flights arriving in Nairobi from other African countries as and cities include;

 Flights to Nairobi Kenya from Kigali Rwanda,
 Flights to Nairobi Kenya from Cairo Egypt
 Flights from Johannesburg to Nairobi
 Flights to Nairobi from West Africa
 Flights from DRC to Nairobi Kenya
 Flights from Tanzania to Kenya
 Flights from Uganda Kampala to Nairobi Kenya among flights from many other African countries

Connecting flights depart from Nairobi for Europe from 9.00pm to 01.00am to cities like London, Amsterdam, Gartwick, Milan, Rome, Casablanca, Paris, Berlin, Zürich among others. You will have enough time in Nairobi to do at least a 10 hour day tour to famous Kenya Nairobi landmark sites.

SVAON 001: Nairobi National Park day tour and safari

This is a small national park within a city. The Nairobi national park is only 10 kilometers from the Nairobi city center and offers a wide variety of wildlife including lions, hippos, rhinos, cheetahs, wildebeest, hartebeest, topi, buffalo, impala. The Nairobi national park day tour is best done in the morning with lunch at the carnivore. Alternatively you can do an afternoon day tour/trip and cap it with a dinner at the carnivore restaurant.

Minimum rate Per person is USD 90

SVAON 002: Giraffe centre day tour

The giraffe centre is a 10 km Nairobi day tour from the city centre. Giraffe center has the endangered Rothschild giraffes which can be fed by hand and is a special delight for an afternoon safari. The giraffe center Nairobi day tour is usually combined with another morning session tour to the other many Nairobi day tour spots. Beside the giraffe centre is a giraffe manor house which with advance booking guests can have a lunch at the historic Swedish style house. This is a famous Nairobi Kenya day tour spot for lunch combined with flair of feeding the graceful giraffes at the centre.

Minimum rate Per person is USD 50

SVAON 003: Nairobi Museum day trip

The museum is located 5 minutes from the central business district of Nairobi. It has recently undergone rehabilitation and expansion. The Nairobi museum day tour is very exciting and houses a collection of African artifacts, animal and bird species. The museum also has a snake park that attracts a lot of interest for transit tourists through the Nairobi international airport. It is a popular Nairobi day tour spot.

Minimum rate Per person is USD 45

SVAON 004: Daphne sheldrick elephant and rhino orphanage

The Daphne sheldrick orphanage is a sanctuary for orphaned elephants and rhino animals from the main Kenya national parks. It is located inside the Nairobi national park and houses a population of several elephant and rhino babies. This a particularly interesting Nairobi Kenya day tour where you get to be hugged by a baby elephants trunk. The playful baby rhino and elephants can also be bottle fed by visitors using a bottle feeder like that for a human baby.

Minimum rate Per person is USD 90

SVAON 005: Nairobi City tour and trip

This is a tour of Nairobi main famous landmarks and monuments. The Kenya day tour goes through the parliament buildings, the central park viewpoint where one can see the whole of Nairobi from the capitol hill viewpoint, the Jomo Kenyatta mausoleum, the Kenyatta international conference centre grounds, the central business district and the government street. This is a drive by Nairobi Kenya day tour with few stop at strategic place to view one monument or the other.

Minimum rate Per person is USD 50

SVAON 006: Railway museum Nairobi day tour and safari

This Nairobi day tour takes you to the Nairobi central railway station where you see the modern train wagons. At the railway museum, the famous Lunatic express steam engine trains are refurbished to their former glory and one can enjoy the comforts of a coffee in the old age stationary train wagons. This day trip in Nairobi is especially famous as a classic Nairobi safari tour for the nostalgic and people with a sense of old age adventure.

Minimum rate Per person is USD 45

SVAON 007: Karen Blixen museum day tour

The colonial house located just 12 km from the Nairobi centre has a rich romantic history of the ‘out of Africa’ fame. The old house was the home to Karen Blixen, the beauty of the colonial era with a life checkered with romance, illicit affairs and betrayal. Karen Blixen was colonial wife of a settler who got embroiled is extra marital affairs and whose life is epitomized by the film ‘Out of Africa’ and encased in the colonial settlers lifestyle in the film ‘White Mischief’. The house has now been turned into a museum and a coffee house with pictures and stories of Kenyan colonial past. The grounds are breath taking and well manicured.

Minimum rate Per person is USD 55