What’s a day on safari like?

Every day on safari is different—you’ll never experience the same wildlife or scenery—but there is a schedule you can rely on. We’ll outline what a day on safari is like with Skyview of Africa Ltd and all-day game drives. This differs from the traditional safari schedule, where you spend three to four hours in the middle of the day back at camp.

Here’s how your day might look like:

5:30AM: Wake up around sunrise for a light breakfast prepared by our team and time to get ready for the day.


6:00AM: Start your all-day game drive. Your guide will look for fresh animal tracks from the night before. At first light and during the cool morning hours, animals are most active.


9:00AM: Take a short break in the bush for coffee, tea, juice, and snacks. If you see incredible animals, morning tea will be pushed back or enjoyed earlier. It’s up to the animals and the guests.


12:00PM: Your safari guide will find a beautiful location in the bush underneath the shade to enjoy a bush lunch. Lunch is a full meal, including alcohol (if desired), prepared by a chef.


1:30PM: Continue your afternoon game drive and your search for animals.


6:00PM: Take another short break at sundown for a snack and alcoholic drinks at sundown. This is your chance to enjoy the sunset and last-minute animal sightings before it gets too dark.


7:00PM: Arrive back at camp as it grows dark. Either take an early shower or wait until after dinner.


7:30PM: Enjoy a delicious chef-prepared meal that pays homage to both local and continental cuisine. A chef will meet any dietary restrictions you have.


9:00PM: Enjoy time around the fire, reminisce about your day, spend some time gazing at the star-speckled beauty of the night sky, and then head to bed early for another full day tomorrow!


There are some places where the day might start a little later, and you may have an early breakfast at the lodge or camp before heading out for a full day game drive into a park. 


This trends to be more common in East Africa and also in national parks where game drives are not allowed out before dawn or after sundown.