Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is 392 sq. km and lies about 228km and 142 miles from Nairobi City.

Amboseli is famous for it’s big game – Elephants, Lions and cheetahs are the main attractions- and for its great scenery beauty. Amboseli embodies five main wildlife habitats, plus a generally dry Lake-bed Lake Amboseli. In the background is the glistening majestic snowcap of Mount Kilimanjaro immediately to the south. One of the most popular national parks in Kenya. Amboseli offers a wide range of animals including the Elephants, Lions, leopards, cheetahs, Masai giraffe and buffalo. Other common game found are the white bearded Gnu, waterbuck. Eland, coke hartebeest and occasionally you will see the black rhinos, The long –necked gerenuk (giraffe-necked antelope) and black-backed jackals, the spotted hyenas will be seen in this natural habitat.

The bird life is in abundance especially near the lakes and swamps, We have Madagascar Sqancco heron, the long toed lapwing, yellow throated, Chestnut- bellied and black faced water bird

Hot and dry

Lake Amboseli, Mt. Kilimanjaro, hills, Mt Meru, Tourist -tolerant elephants and also year round springs and water holes mirage in the dry season among others

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Game viewing, Bird Watching, hiking camel safaris, lectures on masai culture, Interpretative trails, observation platforms and visit to Masai homestead

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